Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Old College Try.

What does that mean when you fall in love with some body, fall out of love with them and then take them out of your life completely? And if slowly, surely? why don't you keep those characters in the end? they served a great purpose in the plot all the way up until the resolution and even there after. What am i completely dismissing when I find there is no reason for their dialogue anymore? What about the human relationship that was created. You can't deny the relationship, the closeness. I don't think this is really what is supposed to happen when you take back i love you. No matter how dysfunctional the relationship was. In the end you both created something magical some where along the line and it should be recognized and admired. 

I miss all the little things, moments, inside gestures and images that only we knew. 
I miss us from a far. 
I still listen to songs and think it's secretly talking about us.
I miss being in love with you, or something close to it.
I miss the idea of us.

I don't want you, though. Right now at this moment, I believe that to be true.

I need a piano.

relationships are truly inspiring and heartbreaking. 

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