Sunday, December 7, 2008

"wants to be a stranger"

the only reason i would want to become a stranger, is to meet you all over again. 
To fix the mistakes that I made.
To have the ability to do it all over again, the right way.
To hold you closer than I did before.
To understand what I had now that I've already met you.

You can't take back what you already know.
You can't undo what's already been done.
You can't take back i love you, only to use it again, in a newer light.
The I love you has been branded already.
We have evolved as separate identities now.
We are what we are because of where we've been.
You can't rewrite our past.

But would if we could take it all back,
And meet each other, again, for the first time.
I hope you know, now, I wanted you to hold my hand a little tighter.
That's all I ever wanted. 

I wonder what our first exchange would be like?
I've never wanted more not to have known you,
so you could be my stranger.
And we could figure it all out again.

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