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The Great Halloween Debate of '08

Jason Haro to:
Susan, emetib86, me, Alejandra, Rebecca, Joey
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Alright ya'll. Lonna and I were just discussing and as sad as this sounds we're gonna have to vote to make this official...

I guess I'll start?...
My vote is for Gilligan. (i feel like we need MORE people for Waldo...)


Lonna Marie to Jason, Susan, emetib86, Alejandra, Rebecca, Joey
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I would like to remain anonymous. My vote is going for Waldo.


Joey Haro to me, Jason, Susan, emetib86, Alejandra, Rebecca
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Guys guys guys! Everyone I tell thinks waldo is hysterical. We are too good to be a typical tv show group! We can go down in the books for waldo! The BOOKS! So I'm gonna have to say


On Oct 22, 2008, at 11:49 AM,

Corey Heins to suzbanuz, rskritzer, joeyharo, me, jasonharo,
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i don't know if my waldo vote has been counted.

this is confusing.
i think its...


word to your grandmother.


Jason Haro to emetib86, rskritzer, joeyharo, me, suzbanuz,
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Lonna Marie to Jason, emetib86, rskritzer, joeyharo, suzbanuz,
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Rebecca Kritzer to me, emetib86, joeyharo, suzbanuz,
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Actually can someone just explain the Where's Waldo idea. I'm not sure I get it.... How would we all dress?

Lonna Marie to Jason, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan, Alejandra
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Yes. this is what is has come down to. Think of it as preparation for the Election. Now, will you go conservative and vote for Gilligans island, where straight marriage and vows are sacred, millionaires don't have tax cuts and Middle class has to figure out how to get off the island? Or will you vote liberal, where you are free to be who ever you are as long as you are still an american at heart? (in this case, Waldo at heart) WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

Tally Remains:


Jason Haro to me, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan, Alejandra
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I am shocked and appalled that you would even for a second consider Gilligan's Island to be the conservative option of the two parties. That idea is absolutely absurd!

Let's take a second to consider Gilligan (Barrack Obama) helping his fellow people band together and make due with the resources they have on that tiny deserted island. Allowing the Skipper and the Professor a right to, for lack of a better word, profess there love for one another and have the same legal rights as the Millionaire and his wife.

Now itake a second to consider the latter, Waldo (John McCain) going to war over the same colored scarfs and not allowing Ginger the right to an abortion.

AND in conclusion may I please remind you it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty.

Thank you very much.

Lonna Marie to Jason, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan, Alejandra
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touche, jason. touche. But there is just no way that I can knowingly vote for McCain/Waldo. I mean, let's get serious. You know the Millionaire and his trophy wife are only there because their assistant made the wrong reservation. If they would have known any better they would have been on the Norwegian Cruise Line to Alaska like they had planned. Gilligan, Skipper, Ginger the whore and the "professor" are all working class citizens and you know they don't have health insurance and are clearly making minimum wage. They are working for a measly excuse of a tour ship. Gilligan and Skipper should have known better than to take out the minnow with such low budget means. Maybe if they didn't have to pay so many God forsaken taxes they would have been able to afford to take the Millionaires on the tour of a lifetime.

I digress.

Where's Waldo is Pro Obama and here's why: Everyone is created equal. "Broken Home" and "Crack Baby" Waldo's are fully accepted in the world of Waldo. You are free to be who you want to be as long as you don't try to overthrow our leader, Waldo. And that's the same in every language or political view: No assassinations. It becomes a conversation about apple's and oranges when we look at the taxing laws and health insurance benefits because Waldo's world is truly one dimensional. But I can assure you, the only reason why Waldo would go to Iraq would be to fulfill his latest adventure so that we the people can spend a few less minutes focusing on the stress that is our lives and take some time out to locate and retrieve this fun, kooky character.

I continue to digress...



Rebe, you have to vote. Don't get lost in our generation! YOU HAVE A VOICE!

Jason Haro to me
Here are the facts:

Ginger is a woman. And as a woman, she should have the right to do with her body as she pleases. Gilligan believes that it is a woman's ability to decide how many children to have and when, without interference from the Government (Waldo). It is one of the most fundamental rights they/we possess. It is not just an issue of choice but EQUALITY AND OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL WOMEN!

As for the millionaire and his wife, their assistant may have been to blame for their voyage gone awry, but this is what we the people of the United States and of this great earth consider to be a human error (otherwise known as a "mistake"). You know what's not a mistake though, the fact that you Waldo-Mavericks seem to steer clear of the same-sex issue every time it comes up; typical of your party to avoid issues of this nature.

So what if the skipper and the professor want to take their vows. So what if they want the same legal rights as a man and a woman. So what if they like hot dogs and not roast beef? So what, I say. It is time for everyone to come together and embrace individuals that our honest with themselves. We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them.

As for taxes, who needs 'em when you're on an island with a population of 7? If you ask me, Gilligan and the rest of the unfortunate crew/passengers of the SS Minnow seem to be ironically fortunate.

I rest my case.

Lonna Marie to Jason, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan, Alejandra
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Clever Tranny. Clever Tranny, indeed.

We have been divided as a once strong and valued nation.

Wether it be Gilligan'08 or Waldo'08, what will be the deciding factor is how fierce we all can be.

Gilligan= Boundaries
Waldo= Opportunities

In the end, my fellow Americans, it comes down to being fierce. Will you choose to be Fierce?

I know i will.


Jason Haro to me, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan, Alejandra
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She is... Sasha Fierce.

May I ask you... do you have a robot arm too? If so, did you lose it in Iraq?

Guess you can thank Waldo for that...

Lonna Marie to Jason
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See now we have entered into cheap attacks. You know my robot arm was from a cooking accident. Let's not twist the facts, tranny.



Alejandra Alarcon to Jason, me, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan
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Ladies and gentlemen of the 2008 election. I apologize for the late response but I had to think long and hard about who was the right candidate for me. With that said...both parties gave stellar...and I mean STELLAR arguments but my final vote goes to...

Gilligan '08

Updated tally:


Lonna Marie to Alejandra, Jason, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan
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It is extremely critical that everyone votes. The power is invested in the last 2 voters. You made the choice to be the tie breakers so it's your duty to take part. Every vote counts. I can't stress that enough.

::cough, cough:: (susan and rebe!)
Do the right thing. Vote NO on Amendment Tacky. Vote YES for PRO-FIERCE.



Jason Haro to me, Alejandra, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey, Susan
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Will you let the woman decide on her own. Sheesh!! Or do feel the need to brainwash every little thing you set your eyes on...

Susan is an independent woman (cough cough), like Ginger, and she has a mind of her own.

Don't you have a fetus to save, or something?...

Lonna Marie to Jason
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It pains me that this is what you have become, Jason. I almost feel sorry for you, but you are the catalyst of your own demise. I will not play these reindeer games with you. Look, fellow Gilligans. Look at your leader. These do not look like the actions of a leader I want to be condemned to.

The tally still stands as is. Susan knows what it is to be Pro-fierce. You, Jason, apparently did not read your Sasha Fierce hand book.

It's war time.
Polls close at 11:59pm. Standard Eastern time.

Let the voting commence.

Sincerely Yours,
Senator Pin-up Waldo

Corey Heins to me, jasonharo,, rskritzer, joeyharo, suzbanuz
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I just realized I was high this morning and didn't hit reply all. so only one person got this.

jiminy crickets.
I would like to take this opportunity to explain what I will be wearing once justice is served and WALDO is the ultimate outcome here.

I'm going with the hippy-eque stoner waldo character. I'm wearing bellbottoms, red converse, a white shirt which I will have painted with a red tye-dye reminiscent but not so literal design, a big scarf with an as-yet undecided red and white pattern, red frame sunglasses, and a red and white streak in my hair. and red eyes, of course because I will be high.

I invite you all to think of what kind of Waldo you could be. pin up style waldo, high fashion waldo, party monster waldo. the possibilities are endless. just wear red and white.

and I think its bobo that Jason, who would be the star of the facebook album, is supporting another cause! Thats like the pope becoming a jew.

so now its up to you, susan. for both of us. now its up to youuuuuu

PS if you don't like waldo, you can be target. or the white stripes.

Susan Gearou to me, Jason, Alejandra, Rebecca, emetib86, Joey
show details 10/24/08
After much debate, bribery, clever campaign motifs, and heart wrenching emails, I have finally come up with my final decision.

For Halloween this year, I feel as though WALDO is the better option!


It was a strong year for both nominees. We hope to see Gilligan again in the next election.

Lonna Marie to Rebecca, Susan, Jason, Alejandra, emetib86, Joey
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Like I've stated to my ridiculously fabulous and headstrong running mate, it was a pleasure to be a part of this once in a lifetime election with you. Though some of your campaigning was below the belt, you showed true character and poise as a raging homosexual with fierce left wing beliefs. It was a beautiful election. I think that's the best word to describe it.

Now, we the people, can look onward and upward to our bright future!

Rebe has, thoughtfully, put together the official list of positions. I will copy and paste the following:

Jason-Authentic Waldo
Lonna-Pin-up Waldo
Corey-Hippie Waldo

Thank you to everyone who voted and happy Waldo finding!

Your Commander in Chief,
Pin-up Waldo

Jason Haro to me, Rebecca, Susan, Alejandra, emetib86, Joey
show details 10/24/08
I refuse to give a concession speech... but may I say that:

It was a pleasure having you as a competitor as well. You were "fierce" and I hope to have the opportunity to compete with you again in the upcoming elections of '09.

I have taken the liberty of sending you a gift in the mail - a can of WD-40, with your name on it - is on it's way to your estate; in case your having one of those days, and need to get the kinks out of your robotic arm.

I wish we could chat longer, but I don't want to miss Susan's public execution; I had to pull some strings...

Good night and Good Luck,
Gilligan (a.k.a. Authentic Waldo)

Jason Haro to me, Rebecca, Susan, Alejandra, emetib86, Joey
show details 10/24/08
You guys really should have made it out to the execution. Susan looked stunning.

I brought you all back a souvenir -

and Remember to ROCK THE VOTE! wisely...


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