Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh, look! She blogged again! Neat!

Neat is right! Look at me go!


So I am reading over my notebook that I have been writing notes and songs in for almost 2 years. It is extremely interesting reading over the notes, quotes and ideas that come out right before I am able to write the song in or out of sequence. The one liners or the phrases that stick out and then just the fluff of other ideas and pretty words that circulate around the actual idea that probably wont make the song, but just further along the process. It's fascinating, really. It's like I'm studying myself, my mind, rather. As much as we think we are in control it's always been a struggle to actually control our thought process and what we can and can't think about. Nearly impossible, at least in this little mind. But it's fun seeing the finished product, how it was even able to get there with these notes that you've taken. No wonder it's therapeutic.

i thought i'd share a few notes and ideas that never actually made any of my songs but still have the weight to hold their own, in their own right, as thorough ideas and emotions. There's also some mutations of actual song lyrics. It's crasy to see where they started and finally ended.

Bridge to "Before I knew your name" First cut-

"Give me your hand, I'd like to take you up on this dance.
Let's keep it slow, find our flow,
maybe taste the sweet romance
Don't pack your things just yet,
We've still got some of summer left.
We're high enough,
to ride this ride,
even for one night"

Now it was shaved down to this version, the final version-

"Don't pack your things just yet.
We've still got some of summer left.
This might be our only shot,
we owe it to give it all we got.
We'll take it slow,
imagine where we can go"

These are some ideas that circulated around the idea to the song "Before I knew your name"

"What's in a name
take back the part where we opened our mouths
let's lock eyes again for the first time
so you can take my breath away again
i wish i never knew your name
i wish i could forget your name"

**Punctuation and grammar went out the window on that stanza and most likely from here on out. Don't Judge.

This is probably going to be a verse of a song eventually-

"I'm just going my own way, you decide if you can stay
you can call it what you like, i wont put up a fight
but i refuse to be named, as the love that was in vain
you walked away from me before, and now i'm locking that door"

These are mumbo jumbo that will fit somewhere, someday-

"the train cradles my thoughts as I try to piece together what i thought i had [understood]
my truly phantom lover, i have met my match
i will not speak again until spoken to
i'll remain in my head until you are awakened"

"Opened my eyes, it's you i find
my saving grace, my bottom line
took time away, you couldn't stay
i dreamt one day, we'd find our way
fate took a turn, then watched us burn
another mile, endure this trial"

"a happy childhood needs a parents unhappy childhood" -I found that quote somewhere. i think it was postsecret.

"wanting to say something more
not sure of the words
not sure if there are any words
to rule this moment"

"we knew what were getting ourselves into because of the faith we had in the decision. why can't that faith hold any water when things get complicated?"

".. just stop believing there's a reason why you thought he was the one
might as well just be a stranger with the damage that he's done"

"you were like this dream, this ongoing dream that i knew i was having and knew i could just wake up and shake you off"

And I am going to end this segment with another bridge mutation (it's always the bridges!)

"Ode to an unrequited love" Bridge, first draft-

"you put up with this fight for far too long
it's time for me to go, there's no way to make this right
you were the best part of me but i was blinded by your light"

Unfinished as well, I see. Then the final product!

"you don't need to win this fight, there's no way I can make this right
you are the best damn thing i'll ever give my heart away to
don't, don't lose sight of your beautiful light"

Moral of the story? LESS IS MORE!

Well, I hope this was somewhat interesting to someone out there. I just thought it was fun to see behind the thought process and how one idea comes back to you eventually and is able to hold water for an entire song. That's cool, no!? Okay I'm done here I need to shower and start my day even though I would love nothing more than to stay in this bed all day long..

But alas,

Happy Monday everyone!

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